Exam Session

605 Form

  • Please fill out the top section – WRITE CLEARLY.
  • FRN numbers are required.
  • A daytime phone number is required.
  • An email address is required.
  • Don’t forget to sign and date the 605 form.
  • We will need to see a photo ID. Please have it ready.
  • Today’s W5YI-VEC exam fee is $14 – CASH ONLY.
  • If you brought your own calculator, please show it to the Volunteer Examiner when he/she checks your ID.

Exam Session

  • Please turn off and put away all cell phones and bluetooth devices. Cell phones cannot be used as calculators for this exam.
  • Please put away all study materials. This is not an open book exam.
  • Fill in your name, call sign, and today’s date on your answer sheet.
  • Clearly circle the correct answers on your answer sheet. If you make a mistake, erase the incorrect answer and circle the correct answer. If you feel there is any doubt which answer you selected, write the appropriate letter next to the question number.
  • Please don’t write in the question booklet.
  • When you are done with your exam, please hand the question booklet, your answer sheet and your scratch paper to one of the Volunteer Examiners.
  • Each exam must be graded by 3 Volunteer Examiners. We will let you know your results once all 3 Volunteer Examiners have completed grading your exam.
  • Upon passing your exam, we will fill out a CSCE for you. This will be your proof of passing your exam. You will need to sign this form before we give you your copy.
  • You will also receive an information packet containing flyers on how to find your call sign online, our local club, our local ARES group, and other useful flyers.
  • Please allow 1 to 2 weeks before your information is updated on the FCC website.
  • Once you receive your CSCE and information packet, you are done for the day and may leave when you are ready.

Take your time. Good Luck!

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